4 Web Design Tips for Beginners

Web designing is a field that has gained popularity in the recent past. This is because of the growth of online marketing. Many people are relying on websites to market and sell their products. Most web designers make some mistakes when designing a website but below we discuss 4 Web Design Tips for Beginners:

A logo that is well designed.

This is a secret that most web designers don’t know or rather assume. A logo is a representation of the brand the website is market/selling. As a beginner, design a logo that helps people distinguish the website from other websites. Use a high-resolution image on the top left corner. Make sure you link the logo to the homepage of the website, such that whenever it is clicked on, it sends the visitor directly to the homepage of the site. The logo is the first thing to think of as a web designer.

Create a Responsive site.

Thinking and researching wide about your target audience is very advisable. This is to know various ways your target customers access the web. Today, people are accessing the internet on their laptops, smartphones or tablets. Make sure that your website is accessible through all of these devices. Choose a theme that will be responsive and favor customers with any of the devices. Research has proven that most people access the internet through mobile phones.

Simplicity and clarity.

Just like in making jewelry, easy jewelry making projects should be the first step. As a beginner web designer, you should try and figure out what interests you in a couple of websites before designing yours. How the content is represented is what makes you continue reading content on a website. Design a website that has simplicity and clarity as a factor. Make the content on the website readable. Use the Whitespace as a technique. When you use the white space technique, it makes the written areas very visible and makes your website look very clean.

Make every page a landing page.

Landing page technology is technology no web designer should ignore. Professional web designers will tell you that landing pages are very crucial. Designing the key components of a website as landing pages is what keeps the visitor on your site. Landing pages are the first platform the visitor lands on after clicking on a website call to action. It is what leads the visitor to the home page. The landing pages give the visitor an imaginative picture of the website contents. Remember to make them simple, readable, attractive and comprehensive.

The above tips will make you a professional web designer within no time.

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